Brianna Williams

Brianna Williams | Associate

As an Associate within the Non-Profit Services Division, Bri is responsible for supporting annual fundraising campaigns and strategy for a portfolio of leading nonprofits primarily located in the Cincinnati region.

Bri joins Ignite Philanthropy with a broad range of experience working on financial projects that support internal and external clients. They have decided to change the trajectory of their career with a focus on community improvement hence their journey into nonprofit services. As a native to Cincinnati, Bri recalls the stages of changes that hit the city like a storm and hopes to help improve the lives of those most affected by homelessness and mass incarceration.

Bri holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati. She works as a part-time freelance writer who uses beauty topics to transition into discussions about race, consumerism, and wellness. When she’s not at Ignite, you will most likely find them at the library or in a bookstore sipping on their third cup of coffee of the day.