Jamie Markle

Jamie Markle | Associate Vice President

As the Associate Vice President of the Philanthropic Services Division, Jamie supports multiple family and private foundation clients to ensure their philanthropic vision and goals are realized in partnership with non-profit recipients. He values creating connections within the non-profit community to create a stronger Cincinnati.

Jamie worked as a Manger in Ignite’s Non-Profit Services division for more than three years where he worked with many organizations to plan, execute, and actualize their campaign goals. In addition to his work in the non-profit sector, he has more than 20 years of publishing and marketing experience and brings his passion for content creation, process management, and communication to the non-profit sector.

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art with a concentration in painting and drawing from Xavier University. He is the President of Cincinnati Frontrunners, southwest Ohio’s only LGBTQ running and walking club. He also enjoys painting and working on his garden. Jamie and his partner, Paul, live in Clifton.