Welcome to the application for Matching Gifts

Please note:

  • The Matching Gift program is available for active employees of The E.W. Scripps Company only.
  • Your matching gift may be allocated to any qualifying 501(c)(3) organization that you support financially.
  • Gifts to religious organizations are restricted to secular community services only.
  • You may apply for at least $25 to a particular institution or charity, up to a total of $1250 semi-annually.
  • Deadlines are May 31 and Nov. 30 annually. (May and November submissions could take up to eight weeks to process)
  • The Fund uses Ignite Philanthropy for technical support and application maintenance.
  • All Matching Gift decisions are made by the Fund.
How long does it take from the time I submit the application until the Fund sends its matching gift?
Matching gift checks are processed monthly and mailed directly to the recipient entity. We will email you when the application has been approved. Submitting a complete application with all requested documentation ensures your match will be processed as quickly as possible.

Prior to completing your application, review these steps to ensure you have everything you need:

  1. Gather information. You will need to provide the organization’s name, a contact name, address, phone number and the organization’s Tax ID.
  2. Obtain required documents: A Matching Gift Certification Form or a receipt from the organization is required. Your application will not be processed without this form or a receipt.
    • Option A Provide a receipt: The receipt must state the tax-deductible amount of your gift AND state clearly that no goods or services were received in exchange for your gift.
    • Option B Download the Matching Gift Certification Form: Complete your portion of the form and send to the organization to complete.
  3. Once you have everything you need, please proceed to the steps below. It will only take a few minutes.
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