Core Principles

Mission & Vision

Maximize the power of giving: Ignite Philanthropy connects people, ideas, and capital to fuel community solutions.

Core Principles

Our four core principles have been developed by our team with intentionality around equity and community and how these connect to each principle and the work we do each day. We believe in the value of diverse teams and perspectives, striving to empower every voice in the creation of solutions.

Our work is rooted in our ability to develop solutions to help our clients achieve their philanthropic goals. We take the lead in co-creating the path to our clients’ success.

Building the right strategy requires us to remain humble so we may continually learn and adapt. We embrace listening, questioning, and experimentation as the foundation to our adaptive mindset.

No single individual has the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate all aspects of our work. We thrive by taking a team approach, ensuring that we bring diverse tools and talent to successfully tackle our clients’ complex challenges.

Through the generosity of our clients we are able to serve our community. We take this responsibility seriously, personifying the spirit of the sector we serve.